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Pembina Trails Early College

Pembina Trails is committed to ensuring our students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to meet the demands of modern society.
Pembina Trails Early College (PTEC) is an exciting new four-year program that prepares students for jobs in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Students with a passion for software development, cyber security, coding and more have an opportunity to leave with a high school diploma, a post-secondary certificate and a head start in an exciting career.

Whether they are designing and testing future products, analyzing defects in software or driving quality improvements for global customers, PTEC graduates will contribute to creating a better future.
How does PTEC work?
Starting in grade 9, students will take regular high school classes at the division’s campus in the University of Manitoba Smartpark while learning and studying the robust, knowledge-based IT industry. In grade 11, their studies can continue at Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology (MITT) in one of two streams:
• Two-year diploma in Cyber Defense & Cloud Computing Administration
• One-year certificate Software Developer
Pembina Trails School Division aims to provide innovative opportunities for our students. PTEC was created with the vision of equipping our students with the skills required to succeed in the highly competitive technology industry through hands-on learning, mentorship and work experience. Graduates can continue their education at MITT, apply to university or step seamlessly into the workforce.
For more information on PTEC, get in touch with us through or 204.560.1999 or visit the official website.

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