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Employee Orientation


This site provides the framework for conducting orientations for new or returning employees. Accident statistics show that new employees are much more likely to sustain on-the- job injuries than more experienced workers. New workers are an asset, bringing fresh eyes and new ideas to a workplace. However, new workers are especially vulnerable to workplace injury and illness due to lack of experience and ability to recognize hazards. Therefore, it is essential that new employees receive a detailed safety orientation and worksite orientation in order to provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to perform their jobs safely and prevent accidents.

  • A new employee orientation ensures that workers are aware of the employer’s rules and expectations for safety and health. The amount of information that an employee will be able to retain is limited. With this in mind, the initial segment of the safety orientation covers general information that is not critical to their job.
  • The worksite orientation should be a priority for new employees on their first day at the worksite and is essential in preventing injuries to new workers. It will ensure they become familiar with the workplace and the hazards to which they or others may be exposed.

Steps to Complete New Employee Safety Orientation:

As a new employee, you are required to complete the following approximately 2-hour safety orientation and take the knowledge validation quiz. Upon successful completion of this quiz, your name will be uploaded to your electronic human resource file. Reminder:  Successful completion of this safety orientation is a condition of employment.

  • Step 1:   New Employee Orientation Watch the 30 minute YouTube video
  • Step 2:   Worksite Orientation Watch the 70 minute YouTube video
  • Step 3:  Safety Orientation Quiz Complete this quiz. A minimum mark of 70% (minimum 12 out of 17 questions correct) is required. The quiz can be taken multiple times and your most recent result will be recorded.
  • Step 4:  When you start work, your supervisor will arrange for the in-person onsite orientation. Once completed you will be asked to sign the Worksite Orientation Form, and return the paperwork to your supervisor.

Additional information for employee safety and rights can be found below under useful links.

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