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Our mission, vision and values describe who we are, what we do and why we do it. We have a deep connection to our vision and mission, and everything we do is guided by these statements.


Pembina Trails is dedicated to educational excellence through challenging and enriching experiences for all, in a safe and caring community.


Students will be personally and intellectually engaged in learning. They will acquire the knowledge and skills to meet the demands of modern society and become good, productive global citizens.

We are committed to our learners, please read our full A commitment to our learners

Three expectations for student learning

These expectations help focus the work and decision-making of Pembina Trails staff.

  1. All students in Pembina Trails will be personally and intellectually engaged in their learning at school.
  2. By the end of grade 8, all students will meet the provincial curricular standards in literacy and numeracy, allowing them the greatest possibility for success in high school.
  3. All students in Pembina Trails will graduate from high school.

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