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What They Do

Our trustees' main role is to maintain a focus on student success and well-being. They also participate in making decisions that benefit all of Pembina Trails, while representing the interests of his or her constituents.There are three aspects to the roles and responsibilities of a trustee: the corporate role; the legislative role; and the community relations and advocacy role.

In their corporate role, trustees:

  • provide leadership and direction through guiding the Divisional Strategic Plan
  • hire and evaluate the Superintendent of Education
  • provide the necessary educational resources and services to support an education program that values excellence.
  • establish the annual divisional budget
  • consult with the community
  • ensure that the Divisional Strategic Plan and Administrative Plan are followed and implemented  

In their legislative role, trustees establish internal operational policy and approve positions on issues of importance to the division.

In their community relations and advocacy role, trustees advocate with the government and education partners for the school division and public education. They also advocate with the general public around the importance of public education.

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