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We value the role our all divisional leaders play in helping our students Accomplish Anything.  

That is why we established the Pembina Trails Leadership Community, PTLC, which includes our senior administration team, school administrators, program and student services consultants and representatives from our International Student Program and IT Department. This extended group meets regularly and recognizes that school leadership has a significant impact on student learning. They strive and inspire others to fulfill our division’s mission: to be dedicated to educational excellence through challenging and enriching experiences for all, in a safe and caring community.

Pembina Trails Leadership Community Statement of Purpose:

“Leading together, we inspire hope and nurture learning.”

As leaders, we know and believe that:

  • Shared leadership, consultation, collaboration and research are essential to effective decision-making and lead to empowerment and increased commitment.

  • The core values of leadership are integrity, trust, caring, loyalty, honesty and respect. We must model these values with courage and conviction. 

  • Care, trust and respect are foundational to a professional relationship. 

  • Honest and open communication must be encouraged and practiced. 

  • Leaders keep students at the centre of our work. 

  • We must honour the capacity of all people to learn and grow.

    As leaders, we will:

  • Live our values.

  • Contribute to an open and positive climate/culture.

  • Communicate effectively.

  • Be active and commit to decision-making.

  • Learn professionally.

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