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Edsby is a digital platform, available both on a computer (click here: and on your phone (install the Edsby app on iPhones and Androids). It provides Pembina Trails parents/guardians easy access to student information such as attendance, school activities, parent teacher interview schedules (coming soon) and report cards (coming soon).

We hope the following resources will help you become comfortable in Edsby. Once you sign into Edsby, more resources can be found in the Edsby Group called Student/Parent Help for Edsby.


Getting Started

  1. Edsby Set Up Information for Parents
  2. Watch the Edsby parent video

Training Resources

  1. Help Files and Videos for Students by Edsby
  2. Help Files and Videos for Parents by Edsby, Parent Quickstart by Edsby
  3. ”Getting started with Edsby” PowerPoint Presentation 

Troubleshooting and Useful Tips

  1. Sign in issues
  2. Multiple family members signing into Edsby on the same computer
  3. Multiple family members signing into a single computer with different user accounts

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