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Multiple Family Members Signing Into Edsby or Teams

If multiple family members are all using the same computer in order to login into Edsby, Microsoft Teams, or any other web app, there are several ways to accomplish this. A single user can be signed in to the computer itself. but keeping your multiple family member app sign ins separate requires everyone in the family to use one of the methods below (Edsby does work best while using Google Chrome, and we strongly recommend using that browser):

1.    Everyone in the family, before they go to the app's website, can open the site in a new "incognito" window. Click Here to learn how to do this. 

2.    Everyone in the family can create their own Google Chrome profile, and from that point on Chrome will store usernames and passwords within that unique profile. Click Here to learn how to do this.  Be aware that this method allows users to save their credentials so others may be able to sign in as them.

3.    Everyone in the family can have a separate local user account on the computer. Click here to learn how to do this.

4.    If a family member has entered their credentials for any app, and accidentally saved those credentials, this can be fixed by following the Click Here to learn how to do this

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