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Permits Terms and Conditions

Facilities and Operations – Permits Terms and Conditions 

In consideration of the School Division permitting the use of the School facilities mentioned on the permit the applicants agree: 

1. The Permit Holder will protect, indemnify and save harmless the School Division, its servants or agents of and from all claims for damages that may arise out of the use of facilities by the permit holder. 

2. All outside users must receive a permit for the intended use and the nature of the group must be identified. All users must have a permit for all after school use or weekends. 

3. To use the school premises only on the day or days and at the times mentioned on the permit. 

4. Permits are granted on a one-time basis and a new permit request will need to be submitted for consideration the following year

5. The applicant agrees to accept any fee for the use of school facilities as maybe prescribed by the Division for the use thereof. 

6. Permits for the use of space may be canceled at any time by the School Division. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to regularly check the Pembina Trails web site for all permit cancellation dates. 

7. Permits are not transferable

8. Permission for the use of any equipment in the school must be obtained from the Principal. The Permit Holder is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement should damage or loss occurs. The Permit Holder is also responsible for the condition of the facility for anything beyond normal cleaning. 

9. No soft drinks or food are allowed in the gymnasiums at any time

10. The Permit Holder must provide at all times one adult supervisor for each 15 persons or less participating in any activity carried on or sponsored by the applicant. 

11. Permit holders will be required to supervise the entrance doors at all times while in the school. 

12. All permit holders will be required to use only the main floor of the school. All other floors will be off limits to anyone other than school / custodial staff. However, there may be certain activities which will require access to rooms on other floors. When this occurs, permit holders will be required to restrict their activities to the rooms allocated as per their permit. 

13. For evening and weekend permits - doors will be opened no more than 15 minutes prior to any event and locked 15 minutes after the event starts (where possible). 

14. The permit holder must see that the senior supervisor or group leader: 

  • is the last person to leave the premises 
  • checks to see that exit doors are closed & locked 
  • checks to see that all lights in used areas are turned off 
  • checks the used premises & washrooms to ensure that they are generally in clean & proper condition 
  • prevents any furniture, chairs or benches from being dragged across floors or damaging walls 
  • ensures that persons using the gym space wear running shoes (dance class must have soft soled shoes which will not mark the floor) 
  • ensures hall lights are left on while the premises are in use 
  • sees that no powder, wax, or other preparation is applied to or placed on the floors of the gymnasiums. 
  • reports any damage as soon as possible to the School Division. 

15. The following are forbidden on school premises: 

  • smoking/vaping of any tobacco products (chew Tobacco) in schools or on school grounds 
  • use of alcoholic beverages or illicity drugs including marijuana o improper behavior 
  • conducting of raffles, draws, lotteries, auctions or games of chance 
  • any activity which may damage floors, walls or other parts of the school building or equipment or facilities 
  • moving of school property or equipment without special permission and that any person engages in such action or activities may be evicted and the applicant privileges may be canceled forthwith 

16. The School Division or any person authorized by the School Division, may inspect the premises at any time and may stop any activity which contravenes paragraph nine above or any other use of or activity being carried out on the premises which in the opinion of the school Division or such authorized person, may cause damage to the school or its equipment. 

17. That neither the School Division, its employees or servants assume any responsibility for equipment applicants brought or left in a school or on school premises whether by permission or otherwise 

18. Permits are automatically canceled for school holidays (including Divisional in-service days), statutory holidays and election days. 

19. No floor hockey, handball, cricket, lacrosse, or trampolines allowed within the school facilities. 

20. TO CANCEL A PERMIT: Please send an email to with details of the permit (ie. permit number, school, location, etc.

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