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Edsby Sign In Issues

Edsby works best when used with the web browser Google Chrome. We therefore highly recommend using Chrome with Edsby and all of the information below assume that you are using the Chrome browser.


If you are having issues signing into Edsby please consider the following FAQs:

  1. If you previously chose to have Edsby remember your credentials (username and password) it is possible to clear that password in Google Chrome. Click Here to learn how.
  2. If you are a student or a staff member, make sure you are clicking on the Microsoft button at the bottom of the log in screen
    1. Log In is intended for parents only

    2. The Username line, the Password line, and the Forgot Password? link are also intended for parents only
  3. If you are a student or staff member and are using the Microsoft button but Edsby is not accepting your credentials (username and password) check to see if those same credentials work on other sites:
    1. OneDrive
    2. Webmail
    3. if your credentials don’t work on the above two sites either then it is a password problem. Contact your teacher to reset your Pembina Trails password

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