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Steps to Clear a Saved Password in Chrome

The procedure itemized below steps a person through searching for and removing a saved password for the Pembina Trails Edsby or Microsoft Teams website. If you follow the instructions the next time you visit one of these sites it will give you the opportunity to enter your password again. If you want to avoid using this procedure again please do not put a check mark in the box labelled "Keep me logged in". Not saving your credentials keeps your information more secure.

This procedure will work equally well for clearing the password for any other site. Just substitute the url of that site for when searching for the saved password. 

1.     In the top right hand corner of the Chrome window just below the X you should see three vertical dots. Click on that.


2.     From the resulting menu select Settings 

3.     Depending on the version of Chrome you have there should either be a Search Settings bar  where you will search for the word “Passwords” or there will be a section that actually says “Passwords” however your machine is set up click on the Passwords section 

4.     You will be presented with a table of all your saved passwords for the various sites you have.

5.     You can manually scroll up and down or use the Search Passwords field and look specifically for 

6.     Assuming you find it, click on the 3 vertical dots and select “Remove” 

7.     At this point you have cleared the saved password for the Pembina Trails Edsby website

8.     Shut down Chrome, and to be safe consider logging out and then back in, and when you go to Edsby next, there should be no saved password

9.     From that point forward, if multiple users need to sign in using the same computer they should not put a checkmark in “Keep me logged in” Otherwise it will remember that person’s login again and these steps will need to be repeated 

10.  And please remember that Staff and Students need to ignore the top two lines and only use the Microsoft button 

11.  There will be another solution provided that will help Parents, and Students or Staff use the same computer and the same browser. Stay tuned for that

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