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Worksite Orientation


The worksite orientation should be a priority for new employees on their first day at the worksite and is essential in preventing injuries to new workers. It will ensure they become familiar with the workplace and the hazards to which they or others may be exposed.

The orientation may be conducted by an administrator, teacher in charge, supervisor, safety committee member, human resources personnel or other staff member.  The worksite orientation is designed to cover as much of the general worksite safety information that all new employees need to hear.


While the school division has attempted to design the orientation guide in a comprehensive manner, it is not possible to cover every conceivable safety hazard, policy or procedure that employees need to know about. Therefore, schools/departments are responsible for adding any additional hazards that an employee may encounter at their worksite location to ensure that everything that should be reviewed with new employees is adequately covered.

Step 2: Worksite Orientation Video

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