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Accident Reporting



Click here to report a student / staff / visitor accident. 


Should you be injured at work or while performing work related duties, the following requirements and restrictions will apply:

  1. Report your injury as soon as practical to your supervisor, but no later than the end of your work shift. Once an injury occurs, all of your actions must be designed to safely conclude your immediate tasks (if necessary) and report your injury.
  2. Medical treatment for your injury is the first priority and first aid measures must be applied immediately. If treatment at a medical facility is required, notify your supervisor and they will assist in providing transportation to the nearest medical center.
  3. Retrieve all necessary paperwork from your supervisor prior to leaving the workplace.                                                            Note: The accident reporting package contains all the necessary paperwork you will need to complete for your injury as well as important information for your health care provider and that is why it is necessary to have the package in hand, prior to leaving the workplace to seek medical treatment. 
  4. At the medical center, have the health care provider complete the Occupational Health Assessment Form (OHAF) if your injury will require you to have modified/light duties or       reduced work hours. This form will provide your employer with your functional abilities and assist them in accommodating you at work.
  5. Provide all completed paperwork to your supervisor the same day/next day/or before the start of your next shift, whichever is sooner. Both teaching and non-teaching staff will have paperwork to complete and return.
    1. Non-Teaching Staff: 
      1. MSBA (HUB) - Employee Accident Report
      2. WCB workers Accident Report, & Notice of Injury (Green Card)
      3. Occupational Health Assessment Form
    2. Teachers/Consultants:
      1. MSBA (HUB) - Employee Accident Report
      2. Occupational Health Assessment Form

         Note: All non-teaching employees filing a WCB claim with their 
         doctor need to have reported their accident to their supervisor; 
         completed and returned the appropriate paperwork to their  
         supervisor to ensure that their claims will be initiated and that 
         they are appropriately paid. 

    6.  The injured staff member requiring modified/light duties or  
         reduced work hours must supply their supervisor with a 
         completed Occupational Health Assessment Form (OHAF).   
         The form must indicate what your functional abilities   
         are so the school division can provide you with   
         modified/light duties/or alternate work to accommodate  
         your injury and prevent time loss. The form must  
         be supplied the same day or next day after the appointment 
         but no later.  You are required to provide your employer 
         with a written update after each reassessment.  If there
         are no changes to your functional abilities, a doctors
         note stating no change is sufficient.  If your 
         functional abilities have changed your doctor must 
         complete the Occupational Health Assessment Form. 

    7.  Once completed, all documentation (WCB Green Card, WCB  
         Worker Incident Report, and doctor’s notes/OHAF) must be 
         forwarded to the division’s Safety Officer for follow up.  
         Once all the paperwork has been received by the Safety  
         Officer, a WCB claim will be initiated for the worker.

    8.  The supervisor and S&H Committee worker representative  
         must initiate an accident investigation to determine 
         the cause of the incident and implement control measures  
         to prevent the incident from happening again. An 
         investigation report must be completed and forwarded 
         to the divisional Safety Officer.

    9.  The Safety Officer will initiate an investigation for any  
         serious injuries to ensure that control measures have been  
         implemented and, where appropriate, lead to changes to the  
         division’s safe work practices and policies. All severe  
         cases will be reported to the Secretary Treasurer and 
         to the Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources and 

   10. Any issues arising out of the accident or near miss must be 
        discussed at the next Health and Safety Committee meeting to 
        ensure follow up and implementation of corrective measures 
        have occurred.


If you or your family is having difficulty dealing with the effects on an 
injury please call the WCB Distress Line. Trained counsellors from 
the Klinic Community Health Centre are available 24/7. The  
service is free of charge. Phone #204-786-8175


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