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Violence In the Workplace

Employee Violent Incident Prevention and Reporting: 

Workplace violence can strike anywhere, anytime; no one is immune. Every employee can play an important role in addressing and eliminating violence in the workplace. The best protection for employees is to participate in strategies that provide a workplace free from violence.

The Workplace Safety & Health Regulation, MR 217/2006, defines violence as “the attempted or actual exercise of physical force against a person and any threatening statement or behaviour that gives anyone reason to believe that physical force will be used against them.” Under Canada’s Criminal Code employees also have a right to live and work without being subjected to violence.

Risk Assessment:
The risk of violence can be prevented or minimized by identifying the risk factors associated with violence in the workplace and implementing the appropriate precautions. Each work site must assess the risk of violence, at a minimum:

  •   at the beginning of every school year;
  •   whenever new staff are hired;
  •   whenever new students are accepted at a school;
  •   whenever an incidence of violence at the work site has occurred.    

Procedure for Reporting:

Any employee who has been a victim of a violent incident must follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Summon immediate assistance to help de-escalate the violent incident and report the incident immediately to their supervisor or applicable administrator.


  2. Complete and submit the online Violent Incident Report Form.  The online report form can be found on the divisional portal under quick links.
  3. The supervisor responsible for investigating the violent incident will receive a notification, via email, that a violent incident has occurred. The administrator must initiate the investigation within 24 hours and complete the investigation portion of the Violent Incident Report form within seven days of receiving the initial notification of the incident.


To access the administrative practice and violent incident report form for reporting and investigating violent incidents, please click on the subjectto the right under useful links.  Note: You must be on a Pembina Trails computer in order to access the violent incident report form.

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