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Hazard Reporting


It is the duty and responsibility of every person present within the division to ensure that all equipment and grounds are free from hazardous conditions. Students, parents and staff members perceiving a possible hazard within a building or upon its grounds should notify the building administrator, or designate, immediately upon detection.

If the hazard is of such a nature that a head caretaker can care for it, the building administrator or designate will direct the head caretaker to take corrective action. If the hazard is of some other nature, the building administrator or designate will notify the appropriate supervisor. All such actions shall be reported in writing at the direction of the building administrator or designate, except that where the circumstance is perceived to provide immediate danger, the report will firstly be made verbally. 

The appropriate supervisor of Facilities & Operations will respond to the hazard within the routine course of discharging normal duties.

If the supervisor is unable to respond to the hazard, the supervisor will confer with the Director of Facilities and Operations who may consult with the Superintendent or designate to work out a solution.



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