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Emergency Response Planning


Emergencies are unpredictable. We usually have little warning that an event or series of events may cause a massive disruption in our lives and our communities. As one of the major areas in which people gather, schools are places where emergency preparedness is critically important to the well-being of students and staff and to the confidence that parents feel in entrusting their children to the care of educators in Manitoba schools. 

The Pembina Trails School Division believes that the safety and security of all students and staff is a major priority. While schools cannot prevent crisis situations, they can prepare to respond quickly, efficiently and appropriately to ensure the safety of students and staff members when situations do occur. The Emergency Response Guideline and template were created to provide support to schools in upholding their responsibilities during an emergency.

The principal of each school in Pembina Trails School Division is required to develop an Emergency Response Plan (using the above noted template) which must be reviewed and updated annually and filed with the Superintendent's Department and Province by September 1 of each school year.

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