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Exterior Storage for External Organizations

Exterior storage located on school property is used to store maintenance equipment such as lawn mowers, snowblowers, tools and gasoline. These are tools and equipment that cannot be stored indoors. Access to maintenance sheds is limited to caretakers and grounds personnel only. 

The Division no longer supports new building or placement of exterior storage for external organizations. If storage is a concern for external organizations, the first step is to ensure that all existing storage options have been considered. Off-site storage solutions are generally believed to be a more effective/feasible option. Under extenuating circumstances, should the Division determine that the exterior storage request is feasible and appropriate for the organization, the leaseholder will be required to adhere to the following: 

  • Property Insurance: The organization must update their property insurance policy to include additional costs of the shed and its contents should it be damaged or
    destroyed. A copy of this updated policy must be provided to the Division. 
  • Liability Insurance: The organization must provide an insurance certificate naming the Division as additional insured.  
  • That the external storage unit is constructed in accordance with the building code and complies with Workplace Safety & Health Requirements.
  • Enter into a Land Use Agreement:  an agreement to cover all costs such as construction costs associated with building and placing the shed on Division property. It is understood that divisional field space is not covered under lease agreements. 
  • If removal is necessary, all site restoration costs including landscaping costs necessary to restore the land to its prior condition is the responsibility of the organization. 
  • Pay all ancillary rental fees associated with the space on divisional land as determined by the Division. 
  • All ongoing maintenance, including (but not limited to) any damages because of vandalism or deterioration is the responsibility of the organization.
  • The Division shall reserve the right to void the agreement and have the storage unit removed if terms of the agreement are not being met. 
  • That there is no cost to the Division

Existing storage facilities owned by external organizations can remain on Division property but will not be replaced once end of life has been reached. Storage sheds that are in the state of disrepair or neglect will be removed by the Division at the external users cost. 

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