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Today's school libraries have evolved into places for students and teachers to become participatory learners and creators of new knowledge. Through the addition of our Makerspaces, Pembina Trails students are provided with the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to become 21st century lifelong learners. In our Makerspaces, students are involved in hands-on learning experiences using the soft skills that will prepare them for the future; creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking.  

Makerspaces can be defined as a place for students to come together as a community to build, create and make things. Within these spaces, students are exploring various ways to imagine, design and create. Students are learning how to code, program robots, produce films through stop animation and green screen, build with hands on tools such as K-nex, Keva Planks, Magformers and Lego and so much more. The vast majority of the Manitoba curriculum is assessing our students ability to think critically and work through the design process. The Makerspace environment in our learning commons allow our students to meet these curricular outcomes surrounded with the necessary digital, electronic and creative resources to allow them to dive deeper. Within our Makerspaces, students are finding themselves personally engaged in their learning, connecting to their passions and personal interests to become better citizens and learners. 

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