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This page contains a variety of resources to support students with preparing for the world of work. The resources below are organized by topic with links to related learning materials for your easy access.

Preparing for Work Series 

These topics can help students prepare for paid employment, work experience, or volunteering. You can complete these sections in order, or by topic as appropriate. Our hope is that by the end of this video series students will have a solid foundation of the information they need to help them get hired and keep the job.

Instructions: Each section below contains a video that will guide you through the learning journey of that topic. The video should be your starting point. It will explain the process you will follow.

1) Create a myBlueprint Account - This section guides students to the process of creating a free account with My Blueprint. Students will utilize this account for the following sections in the Preparing For Work series.

Preparing for Work - Video 1 - Creating a myBlueprint account

2) “Who Am I” Surveys – This section guides students through the Who Am I surveys in myBlueprint to learn more about themselves. Students will utilize this account in the upcoming sections in the Preparing For Work series.

Preparing for Work - Video 2 - Who Am I Surveys 

myBlueprint Guide for Student Surveys

3) Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course (YWRCC) – This section guides students to the Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course and the process to complete it. This instructs students how to stay safe at work. 

Preparing for Work - Video 3 - Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course

(Teacher Resource) YWRCC Powerpoint

4) Creating a Resume – Students will learn what a resume is, receive tips to writing a resume that will get them hired, and learn how to use myBlueprint to create a resume. 

Preparing for Work – Video 4 – Creating a Resume

Resume Booklet for Video 4

 5) The Interview – Students are guided through a number of videos to help them prepare for an interview. 

Preparing for Work - Video 5 - The Interview

Interview PowerPoint for Video 5

Interview booklet for Video 5

6) Choosing and Listing References - Students will learn what a reference is and how to carefully select and list appropriate references when job searching. Students are also guided through the process of assembling their own personal list of references.

Preparing for Work - Video 6 - Choose and List References

References PowerPoint for Video 6

Reference Booklet for Video 6

7) Job Searching  - Students will learn the steps to job searching, gain insight into how to navigate the open and hidden job markets and learn about online services, job banks, tips and strategies to assist them with job searching and landing the job.

Preparing for Work - Video 7 - Job Search

Job Search PowerPoint for Video 7

Job Search Booklet for Video 7

8) How to Keep a Job - Students will build on their understanding of the skills and attitudes required to help ensure they are able keep a job.

Preparing for Work - Video 8 - How To Keep a Job

How to Keep a Job PowerPoint for Video 8

Student Booklet for Video 8

                          Specific Skills Training

The sections below focus on specific skills required across many different working environments. Each section is intended to help students learn relevant skills when entering the world of work.

Customer Service Training - Students are introduced to the various skills and information necessary to work successfully in a retail environment, such as a grocery store. Students will learn what good customer service looks like, why body language matters, how to bag groceries, how to take a break at work, and specific duties of a courtesy clerk. Open the PowerPoint and select either introductory or intermediate level to begin.

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