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Divisional Policies - D

Code Section D: Fiscal Management

Section D of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on school finances and the management of funds. Policies on the financing of school construction and renovation, however, are filed in Section F, Facilities Development.

The columns to the right indicate the presence of a policy, regulation or exhibit applicable to The Pembina Trails School Division.

DAFiscal Management Goals/Priority ObjectivesPolicy 
DBAnnual Budget EstablishmentPolicy 
DIFiscal Accounting and ReportingPolicy 
DJPurchasing of Goods and ServicesPolicy 
DJBPurchasing Procedures Regulation
DJBAManagement of School FundsPolicyRegulation
DJETendering/Bidding ProceduresPolicy 
DKPayment of AccountsPolicy 
DNSchool Properties Disposal ProcedurePolicy 

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