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Parent FAQs


We are impressed by the capability of teachers to empower and give value to students. A wonderful chance for us and Emanuele to get to know your educational system. Thank you very much for your presence and availability! A great experience!" Gianni & Luisa – Parents of student Emanuele from Italy

Q. My child’s English is not the best. What type of support can we expect for him or her? 

A. Our schools have a number of friendly teachers who are trained and experienced in helping students with all levels of English, be that beginners, intermediate or advanced students. Whatever your child’s individual ability, we will ensure they get the support they need in the school.

Q. What does the Pembina Trails School Division do to help maximize the safety of my child during their stay in Winnipeg?

A. While no city in the world is 100% safe, there are precautions we take to maximize safety. We employ Safety Resource Officers from the Winnipeg Police Department who visit our high schools on a regular basis. Their job is to build relationships with the students, educate, and hopefully avoid dangerous situations before they arise. In addition, all of our schools are equipped with first aid equipment and AED (Automatic Defibrillators), with staff trained to use them in the event of an emergency. We also speak to our students on a regular basis about making choices to maximize their safety.

Q. What type of home can we expect for our son or daughter as part of your Homestay Program?

A. Although each of our homestay families is different, they have all expressed a desire to share their home with an International student and engage in a cultural exchange. Your son or daughter can expect to be surrounded by an English-speaking environment while becoming a member of the family. Your son or daughter can expect a home, not a hotel.

Q. I’ve heard Winnipeg is cold in the winter time. What if my son or daughter has difficulty with the weather? 

A. It’s true, our city can reach temperatures far below freezing during the winter months. As we say though, “there is no bad weather, just bad clothes.” With proper wear such as a hat that covers the ears, gloves or mittens, a thick jacket, boots, ski pants, etc., it is safe to be outside most winter days. In fact, many of our students love activities here such as: public skating, tobogganing (sledding), snowshoeing and more. As well, many of our program's cultural activities are winter related.

Q. What type of public transit is available in Winnipeg?

A. Our city has an extensive bus system to reach all corners of the city. There are discounted rates for students and even an online service to determine exact bus routes and times at

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