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New Employee Orientation


New workers are an asset, bringing fresh eyes and new ideas to a workplace. However, new workers are especially vulnerable to workplace injury and illness due to lack of experience and ability to recognize hazards.   

A workplace safety and health orientation is essential to preventing injuries to new workers. It will help you become familiar with the workplace and the hazards to which you or others may be exposed. An orientation ensures that workers are aware of the employer’s rules and expectations for safety and health.

All employees must view and complete the New Employee Orientation video (found under "Useful Links below. Supervisors must conduct a site orientation for all new employees.  Site orientation documents can be found here.  


Worker Rights:
New workers, like all workers, have rights set out by The Workplace Safety and Health Act:

  • The right to know - Workers have the right to know how to do their jobs safely, what hazards are in the workplace and how to prevent injuries from those hazards.
  • The right to participate - Workers have the right to participate in safety and health activities in the workplace without fear of discipline. 
  • The right to refuse unsafe work - Workers are legally entitled to refuse work they believe to be dangerous to their safety and health or to that of another worker. 
  • The right to protection from discrimination - Workers cannot be disciplined or discriminated against for exercising their rights and acting in the best interest of safety.

Worker Responsibilities:
New workers are responsible for following safety and health procedures in a workplace and taking care to uphold their responsibilities towards maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

All workers must:

  • take reasonable care to protect themselves and others;
  • follow the safety and health rules of the workplace;
  • use personal protective equipment, clothing and devices provided by the employer;
  • co-operate with the workplace safety and health committee or representative;
  • co-operate with others on workplace safety and health matters.


It is the duty and responsibility of every person present within the division to ensure that all equipment and grounds are free from hazardous conditions. Students, parents and staff members perceiving a possible hazard within a building or upon its grounds should notify the building administrator, or designate, immediately upon detection.  Please also see the Hazard Reporting Webpage.

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