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Training and Safe Work Procedures


Existing regulations require that an employer provide training to all workers whose job descriptions require them to work on or near asbestos containing materials or who may have the occasion to respond to a spill or damage of asbestos.
Pembina Trails School Division provides awareness training for management, administrators, custodial staff, supervisors, Workplace Safety and Health representatives, IT staff and Facilities & Operations staff.  Some trades and their supervisory staff are also trained on Type 1 and 2 abatement procedures. 

Training generally consists of:

  • Introduction & Use of Asbestos in the workplace.
  • Health Effects Associated with Asbestos Work/hazards of asbestos-containing materials.
  • A review of the types and general locations of asbestos-containing materials found within the division's          schools.
  • Procedures to be followed to prevent the risk of exposure to asbestos dust.
  • Review of how to read and use the asbestos binders for each school.
  • Abatement training is provided by Pinchin Environmental

Management also assess the need to hold training courses/refresher training for any recently employed workers or for individual workers who are engaged in active asbestos work on a more regular basis.

Safe work procedures are available for Type 1 or low risk asbestos removal work and some Type II work.  Several trades staff from Facilities & Operations have been trained in removal of  vinyl asbestos floor tiles and asbestos ceiling tiles. A safe work procedure is also available for dealing with emergency suspect asbestos spills.
Click on the link to safe work procedures.

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