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2024-2025 Administration Appointments

Darren Gerbrandt – Vice-Principal at Bairdmore School
effective September 3, 2024

Darren is currently the Teaching Vice-Principal at General Byng School and has extensive experience working in the early and middle years environment both as a classroom and student services teacher.

Darren believes that relationships play an essential role in student learning. He shared:

“Relationships and community are foundational to education. I believe that community can be summarized as a place where every child is valued, safe and welcomed. A class community is a place where each child knows and feels like they belong and a place where they find purpose and connection to their work and to each other. To create a safe and inclusive community, I believe you begin by building relationships with the students. Building authentic relationships with the students creates a space where they know they are valued and cared for.”

Darren holds a Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts, and is currently enrolled in the Master of Education program, and successfully completed the Pembina Trails Leadership Development Program.

Administrative Appointments effective September 3, 2024

Stephanie Isaac Teaching Vice-Principal at École Viscount Alexander

Diane Wiebe Vice-Principal at École Charleswood School

Jon Manness Vice-Principal at École South Pointe School

Shannon Shields Teaching Vice-Principal at Acadia Junior High School 

Chris Todd – Principal at Westgrove School 
effective September 3, 2024

Chris is currently the Vice-Principal at Bairdmore School and previously held the position of Teaching Vice-Principal at Chancellor School. Her experience as an EAL teacher has allowed Chris to develop a strong understanding of the needs of second language learners.

Chris believes that providing a safe and engaging environment is key to student success. She shared:

“I believe that all children are unique and need a safe, engaging educational environment where they can succeed and feel a sense of belonging. Respect, kindness, and honesty forms a strong foundation to build true connection needed to inspire and support each individual learning journey. As a cooperative community including students, staff, and families, we can celebrate diversity and seek to inspire each and every student to find and fulfil their dreams.”

Chris holds a Master of Education, Bachelor of Education, a Post Baccalaureate in Education, and has successfully completed the Pembina Trails Leadership Development Program.

Brenda Hanna – Principal at Beaumont School 
effective September 3, 2024

Brenda is currently Vice-Principal at Acadia Junior High School and comes to her new role as Principal with a background in resource, student services, and knowledge of the needs of second language learners. 

Brenda believes in a strength-based approach to teaching. She shared:

“Every child deserves a champion. Through strength-based approaches which include inquiry-based learning, student voice and choice, celebration of diversity, varied and flexible programming, student engagement and student specific feedback in academics and social situations schools will be welcoming, productive and safe. Through shared leadership, collaboration, continued professional growth and community involvement, all perspectives can be appreciated and the whole community will benefit.”

Brenda holds a Bachelor of Education, Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Education, Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Education, and has successfully completed the Pembina Trails Leadership Development Program.

Mike Moreau – Principal at Oakenwald School 
effective September 3, 2024

Mike is currently on sabbatical from his position as Vice-Principal at École Viscount Alexander. He also held the position of Vice-Principal at École St. Avila and comes to his new role as Principal with an extensive background in mathematics, resource, and student services.

Mike believes that inclusion and diverse programming opportunities can lead students to success. He shared:

“Inclusion must be an overarching value in the education system – all students belong and can succeed. Equally importantly, we must provide diverse opportunities for success for all learners. Not all students will complete the same program of study – but all students can achieve success if they are provided appropriate programming that pushes them to their limits. Appropriate programming necessitates that schools provide a diverse range of experiences so that students can gravitate towards strengths and interests.”

Mike holds a Master of Mathematics Teaching, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Commerce, and has successfully completed the Pembina Trails Leadership Development Program.

Karen Fraser – Divisional Principal of Learning and Inclusion 
effective September 3, 2024

Karen is coming to us with experience as a school administrator from a rural school division and a background in Resource and Inclusive Education.

Karen believes in a strength-based approach. She shared:

“As a teacher and administrator, I believe all students and staff have gifts that need to be fostered in order to be shared. I believe in a strength-based approach to helping students and staff succeed. Building trusting relationships is essential for teachers and administrators. Inclusive education is for everyone, and all students have the right to a robust education that includes access points for everyone. Our education system is built on a colonial system, and I believe decolonizing our practices and pedagogies will improve student outcomes for all students in the province of Manitoba.”

Karen holds a Master of Education with a focus on Inclusive Education, a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Post-Baccalaureate diploma in Inclusive Education, and is currently pursuing a second Post-Baccalaureate from the University of Manitoba. She also holds a CEGEP diploma in Social Science and has completed a Level 1 Inclusive/Special Needs Certificate. 

Allison Ward – Principal at Bairdmore School 
effective September 3, 2024


Allison is currently the Principal at Beaumont School and has held Vice-Principal and Teaching Vice-Principal positions at Whyte Ridge and Chancellor Schools. Allison is a proponent of lifelong learning and has played a pivotal role on the PTLC Professional Development Committee since 2022.

Allison’s background in resource has strengthened her understanding of the role that families and community play in student learning. She shared: 

“School leaders must invest in home-school relationships as powerful partnerships, developing a climate where community engagement and family advocacy is deeply valued. Leading with relationship, the partnership of parents and guardians in schools is critical to student success.”

Allison is currently in the process of completing her Master of Education degree and holds a Post Baccalaureate diploma in Inclusive Education, a Bachelor of Education with a focus on Early Years, and a Bachelor of Kinesiology. In addition, Allison holds a Level 1 School Administrator’s Certificate and a Manitoba Special Education Teacher’s Certificate.

David Gamble – Teaching Vice-Principal at Pembina Trails Collegiate 
effective September 3, 2024


David is currently the Industrial Arts teacher, Deep Learning Coach, and a member of the Student Services Team at Pembina Trails Collegiate. 

David believes that creating an environment of trust and respect empowers students to express themselves and embrace their individuality. He shared:

“Inclusivity is at the heart of my teaching philosophy. I strive to create an environment where all students can thrive regardless of their skills, abilities, or backgrounds. Through hands-on learning experiences, enrichment opportunities, and a culture of discovery, I aim to provide equal footing for all learners.” 

David holds a Master’s in Educational Leadership, Post-baccalaureate diploma in Education, Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts degrees, a diploma in Industrial Arts/Technology Education, and a Manitoba Education Leadership Certificate.

Dr. Shannon Tipping – Principal at École South Pointe School 
effective September 3, 2024

Shannon is currently on Loan of Service from Pembina Trails School Division to the Department of National Defense in the role of Canadian Principal at AFNORTH International School in the Netherlands. Shannon is a multilingual educator and has held administrative positions at École Dieppe, École St. Avila, and École Viscount Alexander.

As a lifelong learner herself, Shannon acknowledges the impact that individual experiences can have on student learning. She shared: 

“I believe that all children can learn and that given the appropriate learning environment and support that every child can succeed. Each child comes to school with their own personal experiences and cultural background and these areas of a child's life need to be valued and considered as part of the learning process. Staff working with families can help to understand and support children with what they need to support their learning and wellbeing.”

Shannon holds a Ph.D in Education, Master of Education, Bachelor of Education, and School Administrator Certificates Level 1 and Level 2. 

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