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Administration Appointments

Sharon Labossiere – Principal at Institut collégial Vincent Massey Collegiate, effective September 2023

Sharon is currently the Principal at École Van Walleghem School and has held a number of administrative positions including Vice-Principal at École secondaire Oak Park High School, École Sir William Osler/École LaVérendrye (WSD), and École Robert H. Smith School (WSD).

Sharon believes that a nurturing environment and a strong connection to home supports students to be successful. She shared:  

“I believe that all students have the ability to learn and that by providing them with a nurturing and stimulating environment where they are engaged in the process, they will be successful. I believe that it is our responsibility to provide high quality education to all students and it is paramount that we address questions of equitable access to and provision of education in terms of programming, resources and supports. I believe we are of service to students and to families and that we must work to build connection between the school and the home. Through open communication and collaboration, we can leverage our shared desire to support student growth and achievement.”

Sharon holds a Master of Education, Post Baccalaureate in Education, Bachelor of Education, and a Bachelor of Arts. Sharon has extensive experience with programming for second language learners and supporting student mental health wellness.

Jean-Baptiste Bitwenge – Vice-Principal at École Viscount Alexander, effective September 2023

Jean-Baptiste is currently a Guidance Counsellor at Institut collégial Vincent Massey Collegiate. In his current position, he has been a leader in supporting students in the area of mental and social-emotional wellbeing.

Jean-Baptiste believes that inclusive practice and diversity are the key to student engagement and learning. He shared: 

“As a first-generation immigrant with English as an additional language, I value and put emphasis on inclusive practice and diversity in classrooms. Students learn and grow successfully in a safe and caring environment that accepts differences and meet individual needs. Students need a sense of belonging to learn, engage and share their values and cultures without fear of being judged.”

Jean-Baptiste holds numerous degrees including a Master of Education, Bachelor of Education, and a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in French as a second language.

Carissa Comeault - Vice-Principal at École R.H.G. Bonnycastle School, effective September 2023

Carissa is currently a Student Services Teacher at École South Pointe School and has held positions as a Resource Teacher, Literacy and EAL Program Leader at Fort Richmond Collegiate.

Carissa believes that collaboration and building relationships with all stakeholders has a lasting impact on student success. She shared:

“I know that education has the power to change lives. A passionate teacher who harnesses the curiosity in a student will foster a love for life-long learning. An impactful leader will collaborate with colleagues and families to positively influence a student’s life journey. I want to always be part of a team that is changing and evolving for the betterment of all. I want to be a leader who inspires all parties to be their best.”

Carissa holds a Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts, and a Post-Baccalaureate with a focus on inclusive education and EAL leadership and programming.

Jennifer Rothwell – Principal at École St-Avila, effective September 2023

Jennifer is coming to us with experience as a school administrator from another Metro school division and has held a number of positions working within the French Immersion environment.

Jennifer strongly believes that instructional leadership impacts the student learning experience. She shared: 

“In a bilingual setting, empower every student to learn, to succeed, and to participate responsibly in an ever-changing society. Instructional leadership as well as shared leadership are the guiding practices of the school teams I have worked with over the past few years as a vice-principal and principal. My experience has deepened my understanding of the importance of instructional leadership. It has also strengthened my personal beliefs as a school leader regarding continuous improvement. I believe in building capacity of all learners - staff and students.”

Jennifer holds a Master of Education, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts, and a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Education.

Tori Patzer – Principal at École Van Walleghem School, effective September 2023

Tori is currently the Principal at École Viscount Alexander and has held administrative positions in both English and French Immersion schools within Pembina Trails School Division.

Tori is passionate about creating diverse and inclusive classrooms. She shared:

“Inclusive education is at the core of my professional values. I believe in intentional planning for student success, understanding cognitive diversity, and accepting difference. Students today have the rich experience of supporting each other, working together, and building their skill sets in the six competencies of next generation learning: compassion, communication, collaboration, community, critical thinking, and creativity. I believe in schools that support meaningful access for all students, and staff that foster an inclusive school culture.”

Tori holds a Bachelor of Education, School Administrator’s Certificate, and is working towards a Master of Education with a focus on Educational Administration.

Carol Shaw – Vice-Principal at Fort Richmond Collegiate, effective September 2023

Carol is currently the Acting Vice-Principal at Fort Richmond Collegiate and brings thirty-one years of teaching experience to the role.

Carol believes that student-centered learning allows students to actively participate in their learning. She shared:

“I support teachers in planning multimodal teaching that responds to varied learning styles and offers students multiple avenues to express what they know. Students learn in different ways and have valuable perspectives to bring to the content being learned, so including student voice and choice builds motivation and agency. Inclusion is strongly linked to the strength-based approach. A focus on student strengths helps students and teacher identify growth and set goals for next steps.”

Carol holds a Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts, Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Education, and is working towards a Master of Education with a focus on Educational Administration.

Kendra Gowler – Teaching Vice-Principal at Bison Run School, effective September 2023

Kendra is currently a Student Services Consultant in the Curriculum & Learning Services Department of Pembina Trails School Division and an active member on a number of committees within the educational leadership community.

Kendra is a strong proponent of inclusive education and strength-based teaching methods. She shared:

“Barriers to education, whether they are physical, environmental, social, cultural, emotional, or attitudinal, must be removed to create equity so everyone is able to participate and thrive. Universally designed environments and curriculum enable all our children to access high-quality educational experiences. I believe in the ability for all children to flourish. All children can learn, and all children want to learn. Strength-based practice provides children with a belief in themselves that they can accomplish anything. It is our job to presume competence and see all children as capable, and to provide them with what they need to grow and learn. We lead our students and each other to knowledge, to understanding, to progress and growth.”

Kendra holds a Bachelor of Education, a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Education, and a Master of Education with a focus in Special Education.

Glenys MacLeod – Principal at École Viscount Alexander, effective September 2023

Glenys is currently the Principal of Learning and Inclusion in Pembina Trails School Division and has a background deeply routed in educational leadership, curriculum development, and French Immersion instruction for second language learners.

Glenys believes in the power of curiosity and providing students with opportunities to engage in their own learning experience. She shared:

“The school community seeks to inspire a spirit of wonder and curiosity about learning that stays with each learner for life. By creating opportunities for challenging, rich experiences that foster wonder, risk taking, critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration we invite students to take the lead, to become strong, independent learners. Learning is most powerful when it is lived.”

Glenys holds a Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science, Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Education with a focus on Inclusive Special Education, a Master of Education in Educational Administration, and a Doctorate in Education.

Andrew Mead – Principal, Learning and Inclusion, effective September 2023

Andrew is coming to us with experience as an administrator from both Metro and rural school divisions and has held a number of positions working with divisional and provincial leaders in developing and delivering curriculum. 

Andrew strongly believes in supporting the whole child. He shared:

“We must find ways to foster strong relationships with children that will create a culture of learning and kindness. This includes ensuring that schools take into consideration how we approach mental wellness and happiness of students.”

Andrew holds Level 1 and Level 2 Principal’s Certificates, a Bachelor of Education, and a Master of Education with a focus on Administration.

Carla Sadler – Principal at Beaverlodge School, effective September 2023

Carla is currently the Vice-Principal at Arthur A. Leach School and has also served as Acting Principal at Ralph Maybank School this year.

Carla believes that building relationships is key to successful leadership. She shared:

“At the very core of my beliefs about education is building genuine relationships. Knowing staff and students on an individual and personal level is the first step to creating an inclusive environment that promotes trust, respect, and belonging. Relationships with a foundation built on trust are key to leading a team. I believe in creating a culture of collaboration, where all school community members feel empowered and that they have a voice.”

Carla holds a Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts, and is currently completing a Master of Education with a focus on Educational Administration.

Shawna Nagler – Vice-Principal at Arthur A. Leach School, effective September 2023

Shawna is currently a Coordinator with the Indigenous Inclusion Directorate at Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning and has worked as part of the Indigenous Student Success Teacher team in Pembina Trails School Division, as well as working at the Manitoba Youth Centre.

 Shawna believes that a focus on mental health is key to student achievement. She shared: 

“Conscious attention to mental health, wellness, and well-being underpins student and teacher success. Collaborating with students, support teams, and families/caregivers to implement mental health promotion strategies for the entire school community promotes student and teacher presence and engagement. Inclusive practices, student-specific planning, and professional learning within a trauma-informed approach create the foundation for learning how to co-create a healthy safe learning space.”

 Shawna holds a Bachelor of Education, Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Inclusive Education, and a Master of Education.

Jane Rowland – Principal at Pacific Junction School, effective September 2023

Jane is currently the Vice-Principal at Whyte Ridge School and previously held the position of Teaching Vice-Principal at Bairdmore School. Jane’s administrative and teaching experiences have allowed her to develop an in-depth understanding of early years pedagogy.

Jane believes in the power of collaboration. She shared:

“Collaboration between colleagues is a powerful tool and a key belief, built on a foundation of Relationship and Trust. Collaborative leaders demonstrate that they have the strength to be humble. When we reach out to others to share our collective wisdoms, we engage in active problem-solving strategies, leading to student Success and Achievement.”

Jane holds a Bachelor of Arts, Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Education, Post Graduate Certificate in Education, as well as Class 4 and Class 5 Primary Education Certificates.

Cyndi Tibbs – Vice-Principal at Whyte Ridge School, effective September 2023

Cyndi has worked throughout the division as a teacher, as a former behaviour and learning support teacher/divisional learning support teacher and in student services. 

Cyndi is a passionate educator who values growth and vision. She shared: 

“I believe we are stronger as a team and welcome the creativity and diversity of collaboration.  Relationships are at the heart of creating safe and caring schools, as students need to know that we believe in them.  With appropriate planning using a strength-based, student-centred approach, every child can reach their full potential.”

Cyndi holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Special Education.

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