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Interest in French Immersion leads to change in Schools of Choice practice

For years, Pembina Trails has offered our students the option of enrolling in a school outside of their catchment area. We have also been welcoming of students outside of our division who wish to attend one of our excellent schools. However, we are only able to welcome students to their school of choice when space and resources allow.

Due to the high demand for French Immersion programming that our schools will not be able to meet, we need to adjust our current Schools of Choice practice. Beginning in September 2019, Pembina Trails will no longer be accepting out of division French Immersion students in kindergarten through grade 9.

The demand for French Immersion

French Immersion (FI) is increasing in popularity across the province. While this is great news, the interest in FI programs is growing faster than our schools’ capacity to provide FI education. In the past several years, it has become more and more challenging to find space for these classes and there are fewer French speaking staff to deliver FI programming. 

As we anticipate that more families will continue to choose FI, Pembina Trails has carefully decided to reserve all spots in kindergarten through grade 9  FI programming for students who live in our catchment.

Out of division students

Out of division students who are currently enrolled in FI will be able to complete their current school’s grade levels. They will also be able to apply to attend the next step of FI, to continue from early to middle years, or middle years to senior. However, no new applications will be accepted from out of division K-9 students, including those whose siblings are currently enrolled. Students wanting to apply for grades 10 to 12 will still be given the opportunity to complete an application form. This request will depend available space at their preferred high school. Families who will be directly affected have already received a letter explaining this change in practice.

Pembina Trails students

We will still accept Schools of Choice applications for FI students of all grade levels living in Pembina Trails’ catchment areas.  Please remember that acceptance depends on available space and resources.

We would like to thank our families for understanding the need for this change. We encourage anyone with questions to connect directly with Troy Scott, Assistant Superintendent

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