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Pembina Trails is committed to continued learning during the emerging COVID-19 situation. Our educational plan, while classes are suspended, involves digital platforms and cooperation from our community.

We were planning to introduce Seesaw, a new tool for learning, to all our school at a later date. Given the current circumstances, we are moving ahead in order to support learning at home. Seesaw gives your child creative tools to capture, reflect and celebrate their learning in real time. It keeps everything safe and secure within the confines of our school division since no one from the outside world is “allowed in” and all data is stored according to strict Canadian standards.

Some of our schools have already successfully started using Seesaw. If you are new to the tool, we ask that you please follow the steps below to begin using the platform.

Please note that, under normal circumstances learning would occur in your child’s school and then they would share their learning with you through the Seesaw app using a school ipad.  Since your child is now home, the teacher will be sending activities through the Seesaw Class app.  Your child will have an opportunity to complete the activities and then submit them to their teacher through Seesaw.  Teachers will then be able to make comments directly back.  Only you, your child and the teacher will have access to these submissions and discussions.   

To access Seesaw, please help your child to either: 

1) Download the Seesaw Class app onto a tablet or Smartphone (iOS or Android) 


2) click here

To login, your child will need a 12-digit, unique Home Learning Access code.  This code will be sent to you in another email from your child’s teacher, if you do not already use the tool.To help your child use Seesaw at home, see:

The power of Seesaw for learning is amplified when parents are involved in the learning process.  Once again, under normal circumstances your link to your child’s Seesaw postings would be through the Seesaw Family app or the Family login section on a browser ( Even though right now you will see the work your child is submitting through the Class app, we encourage all families to also download the Seesaw Family app. (This is a separate username and password from the Class app). Using the Family app, your teacher will be able to send individual or class messages and reminders directly to you.  You will also be able to comment and “like” your child’s work and send messages back to the teacher using the Family app. 

In order for you to connect with your child’s journal through the Family app or browser, please watch for an invitation via email from your child’s teacher.  Follow the directions in the email to connect.  For more information about the Family app, see: 

If you have more than one child using Seesaw, parents can easily move between their children’s accounts on the same Family app or browser.  To keep their work separate from each other, your children will have to log in and out of the Class app or browser every time they use it. 

Please contact your child’s teacher if you have further questions about Seesaw. Given that this is a new tool for many teachers, they will do their best to answer your questions.  Despite these trying times, we hope to continue to keep your child engaged in fun and meaningful learning through Seesaw. 

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