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Hazardous Waste



Annual hazardous waste pickup at Pembina Trails School Division occurs every year in May and June. Please compile an inventory of hazardous waste for disposal using the attached hazardous waste inventory disposal form.

All staff are required to inspect their classrooms and gather any unwanted chemicals into a common location. Please work with your Safety and Health Committees and custodians to complete the attached inventory forms. All staff are responsible for their own inventories. All chemicals must have a label; our hazardous waste company will not accept unlabeled chemical waste.

Please Note:  It is important to document the chemical name, container size and number of containers for each chemical.  Please submit only one inventory form per school.

Please place your unwanted chemicals together in a common area where the chemicals can be stored (securely) while you wait for pick up.   Chemicals must be stored in groups, based on their chemical classification.  For example:  flammable liquids stored in one box, oxidizers stored in one box, poison's stored in one box, corrosives stored in one box, etc.  


  • Laboratory chemicals and biological specimens
  • Cleaning and maintenance supplies and chemicals
  • Unwanted chemicals

Please submit your completed inventory to either the custodian or the school Safety & Health Committee.  The committee or custodian will be responsible to fax the form to the Divisional Safety Officer.  The Safety Officer will arrange for pickup at your school and will coordinate a time and date with you.  The school division is charged for all hazardous waste disposals.

The deadline for submitting your inventory to the Safety Officer is on or before May 30.  

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