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Safety Data Sheet Information/Search Website:

MSDSonline is a company Pembina Trails uses to maintain their Safety Data Sheets (SDS) online. Please choose one of the following:

MSDSonline Link:

The following is a quick link shortcut to the WellNet quick search website. Click on the link to open the website. You do not need a password to access the site. 

  • Or scan the QR code with your mobile device  290dd719-6b21-45fc-9caf-2e5224a316af_2fd83666-cc6c-4771-8a37-b5f4607885e6.JPG

Chemical Inventories:

The Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulations require all chemicals used in the workplace to have an SDS, which must be updated every three years.  In order to maintain a current inventory of chemicals in each school, every year schools will be asked to submit an inventory of their chemicals to the divisional Safety Officer.  This inventory is then used to update the existing inventory in the MSDSonline site.

Every time a new chemical is purchased you will be required  to submit a new SDS to the Safety Officer.  The new SDS will be uploaded into the MSDSonline website.  Please note this is for new chemicals only.  If you are continuing to purchase the same chemical from the same supplier and your SDS is already in the online system, you do not need to resubmit the SDS.    

Note: If you did not submit an inventory or there was missing information in your inventory, it will not be updated/available online. Please contact the Safety Officer for further information. 


How to Search for an SDS:

Click on the link above (under MSDSonline Link). When searching for chemicals, type in the product name in the box under the title MSDS search. The system will search the website and provide you with a list of similarly named chemicals. Go through the list and find the chemical you are looking for. 


Under the heading "Locations", click on the down arrow and select your school and department.  Then click on the search tab.  This will open a new page with a list of chemicals in that department.  Find the chemical you are looking for. 


Print or View and SDS:

Once you have searched or browsed for your chemical, you can view your SDS by clicking on the "PDF" icon to the left of the product name. Your SDS will open in a new window. To print, click on the printer icon at the top of the window.

Labels - Print a Workplace Label:

Once you have searched or browsed for your chemical you can print a workplace label. To print a workplace label, click on the product summary icon , to the right of the PDF icon. A new window will open with the product summary information. Click on the "Print Label" tab on the left hand side of the screen. 

Choose the type of label you wish to print.  Select the label size, pictograms, data fields or add other label data information. Select the number of labels you want printed and the location of the labels on the page.  Click on generate label and your labels will print.  


If you are having problems accessing/searching/etc. on MSDSonline please contact the Safety, Health & Environment Officer at 204.488.1767 Ext.1292.

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