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Oak Park community buys life-changing goats for 43 Kenyan widows

This past March a number of students and teachers from Oak Park traveled to Kenya to perform some service-learning. While in Kenya, they dewormed goats, made repairs to both primary and secondary schools, built a widowed mama a brand new mud hut to live in and immersed themselves in the culture.

When it was time to return to Canada, the Oak Park contingent asked the matriarch of the village if there was one wish they could grant her what would it be.

The Matriarch – Mama Mercy as she is called  – said “We have 43 widows in our village. If they could each get a goat it would be life changing.”

Upon their return to Winnipeg the Oak Park group immediately began raising funds to purchase 43 goats.  Oak Park families, teams and students could adopt a goat and money was also raised through a trivia luncheon put on at the school. 

On June 8th, 43 goats were delivered to the village in Kenya.

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