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International Students Accomplish Anything in Pembina Trails (photos)


Coming off a banner year of winning the international ALPHE Award for best International Student Program in Canada, the Pembina Trails International Student Program (ISP) team continues to offer world class quality of service and support to all students and is once again recognizing and celebrating many students who came to the program to live the North American school experience and Accomplish Anything in Pembina Trails. Here are just a few of their many meaningful and amazing stories.


                                                                                                                      Our International Student Program team


  • Constantin Bernhard is a handball player from Germany played a strong defence and scored many goals for the Institut Collégial Vincent Massey Collegiate Varsity Boys Team with his powerful airborne shooting style.  He was recently selected to the Provincial All-Star Team. 


  • Adrian Ortega and Pablo Montañes, both from Spain have been friends since childhood. This year they spent their grade 12 year together playing basketball at Ecole Secondaire Oak Park High School. They were both in the starting lineup and helped get the team into the provincial final.  Both boys were chosen to the Manitoba Graduates All-Star team.  Adrian was also chosen to the Provincial All-Star team for the 3rd year in a row.  Adrian is the first Spanish National to complete a 3-year high school program with Pembina Trails International Student Program.   Friends who play together stay together.


  • Jarno Tuomola, from Finland, was a forward with the Oak Park Raiders hockey team. He scored many critical goals in the season including the first goal of the provincial championship game. 


  • Lucie Brotell from Belgium put herself out there on the cheerleading squad at Ecole Secondaire Oak Park High School.  She was selected as the Ruth Hallonquist Sportsmanship Award winner, awarded at the Provincial Final Competition.


  • An energetic group of international students at Shaftesbury started a boy’s indoor soccer team and had a stellar season.  The players on the team were from Spain, Italy, Brazil and Germany.  Coaches from the soccer community said the team was a fine group of ambassadors who always exhibited great sportsmanship.  Proud of these boys!


  • Javier de Grado Galvez is a Shaftesbury international student from Spain. He is a talented viola player who was selected to play with the Winnipeg Youth Symphony Orchestra.


  • Angelica Garizio is a dedicated rhythmic gymnast from Italy who studies at Vincent Massey Collegiate. She has been invited to participate in numerous regional, provincial and national competitions, where she has been recognized with multiple awards. 


  • Ines Berenguer Salazar is a skilled volleyball player from Spain who has embraced the sport  during her exchange and put herself out there to play on several different volleyball teams: ICVMC JV Girls, Club Volleyball with the Bisons and beach volleyball with the Vincent Massey team.  She has been a pillar of strength on her different teams. Wicked server!


  • Lara Bussade from Brazil and Anton Abalo Santa Maria from Spain, who both attend Fort Richmond Collegiate, collaborated on an innovative business venture and were awarded GOLD at the RRC Business Competition for Ventures in Business.


  • Giorgia Gavioli is an Italian water polo player attending Fort Richmond. She played for the school team and was then invited to play with the Vortex Water Polo Association. Her team recently won the Manitoba Water Polo Association Provincial Championship. Giorgia also played in an U17 Canadian tournament.  Members of her Winnipeg team commented about her strength in the pool and what a great addition she has been to the club. 


  • Bui (Moon) Ngoc My Anh from Vietnam who studies at Shaftesbury. She is a talented multi-media artist whose artwork was recently showcased at the Pembina Trails Sight Unseen Art Show.

It’s been another exceptional year for our International Students Program. Congratulations to everyone involved!

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