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Lylyk family donates trike to Vincent Massey in honour of Nathan Lylyk.

Students at Vincent Massey were recently the beneficiaries of a generous gift that was donated by the Lylyk Family through the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre for Children in memory of their son, brother and grandson, Nathan Lylyk

The Lylyk family including Liz Lylyk, her son Zachary, and grandparents Durval & Maria Pereira, Teddy & Bev Lylyk visited Vincent Massey to present a Freedom Concepts Recumbent Odessey trike, decked out with custom paint in Massey green and racing stripes, to the students. Liz spoke of how much support and specialized equipment Nathan had received through the Children’s Rehab Foundation and how being able to support other children through this amazing charity means the world to her and her family. 

There was lots of good cheer and connecting during the presentation, emphasized by the smiling facing of the students. One such student, Liam, was grinning ear to ear during his first chance to take the new gift for a cruise. Also present at this heart-warming event was Jane Kidd-Hantscher, Executive Director of Children’s Rehabilitation Centre for Children; Larry, from Freedom Concepts; and Cheryl Smith, Vice-Principal at Massey.

The students and staff from Institute Vincent Massey Collegiate cannot express enough how much this wonderful means to them and to be able to share this beautiful moment with the Lylyk family. 

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