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Oak Park officially opens its Indigenous outdoor classroom


History was made at Oak Park when it officially opened the Oak Park Indigenous Outdoor Classroom. 

Featuring a bison rubbing stone and many other aspects of indigenous culture, the outdoor classroom will be used by the school and the community to better understand indigenous teachings and learnings.

A lot of hard work went into the planning and building of the outdoor classroom and all those that worked on it deserve our gratitude. Thanks to their efforts, the dream of an indigenous outdoor classroom is now a reality.

As the outdoor space allows for authentic teachings to take place, the Oak Park Indigenous Outdoor Classroom will incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing and learning for all students.  This space is important as we continue our journey along the path of reconciliation 

A central feature of the outdoor classroom is a bison rubbing stone, used by bison who used to roam in the area to rid themselves of their winter coat or scratch the itch of bug bites in the summer.

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