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Trevor’s No Frills one of many examples of businesses giving back to the Pembina Trails community

Trevor’s No Frills one of many examples of businesses giving back to the Pembina Trails community


It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes responsible and caring corporate partners to provide much needed help to school divisions.

Here in Pembina Trails we have many examples of corporate partners collaborating with us to help our students. One such example is Trevor’s No Frills grocery store at Pembina and Stafford. 

Not only have they kindly donated money and food for various school functions, they also are giving a student valuable job experience.


Hayley Williams co-owns Trevor’s No Frills. She and her husband Trevor are thrilled to working with Pembina Trails.

“At Trevor’s No Frills we truly believe that everyone matters and we want to feed everybody, whether it’s experiences in our store or food from our grocery shelves. We want to be involved. Fort Garry is our community; Pembina Trails is the division we brought our kids up in and our kids go to school with Tommy.

We love having Tommy here and we welcome other partnerships that will benefit the community. He comes in, he’s happy, he greets us, he finds his familiar places in the store to do his work and it shows our staff, as well as Tommy, that everyone matters.”


Colleen Roberts, recently appointed Assistant Superintendent of Pembina Trails and currently the principal at General Byng where workplace student Tommy attends school, understands the value that corporate sponsorships bring to our division.

“We can’t thank our partnerships enough, for the value they bring our students beyond the classroom. The students are with us from K-12 but the opportunity to be part of the community and a valuable employee, that has tremendous impact. We’re grateful for all of our partners. Trevor’s No Frills is one of many and we’re so thankful for that.

We were so fortunate to be given $1,000 by Trevor’s No Frills at the beginning of the school year, at a time when we were still dealing with the pandemic. And now with all the year-end celebrations and field trips, many of those contributions will go towards that as well.”

Rick House has been a Career and Community Experience teacher with Pembina Trails for 25 years. Before that he was a Grey Cup winning-alumnus of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.  He understands that it takes special corporate partners for programs like Tommy’s work experience to happen.

“We cannot offer this experience without tremendous partners, like Trevor’s No Frills. Our students get incredible experience and very often they’ve attained a job as a result of their work experience. It’s fantastic support and we’re just very grateful for partners like Trevor’s No Frills.


 Ashley Schmidt works closely with Tommy at General Byng and knows how beneficial his work experience at Trevor’s No Frills will be for him.

“The community experience piece is super important. Here we have a student with significant needs and it’s an awesome opportunity for inclusivity, both in the community here in the store but also for the larger community. It’s all about being inclusive and having everybody on the same page. This is an exciting opportunity.”

For Hayley and Trevor, their experience with Tommy has them thinking of doing even more. 

“This is all very exciting and it entices us to do more because there are more people we can help and a lot more partnerships we can collaborate on,” says Hailey.


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