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"Girls Who Game" Opens Up A World Of New Possibilities

Empowerment. Collaboration. Leadership. Coding. Fun. These are just some of the many lessons learned at École Charleswood School’s exciting “Girls Who Game” initiative. Through STEM-based E-Sports gaming, the program helps girls develop communication, critical thinking and creativity.

Girls Who Game is an extra-curricular program that provides an opportunity for girls across North America to experience gaming and use Minecraft as a learning tool while developing global competencies that are required for jobs in the tech sector.

While women make up half the overall workforce, they hold less than a third of STEM positions. Of that, only 11% are female minorities.

Girls Who Game offers a different vision for the tech industry. It enables communities, schools and government to build a better future where everyone can reach their potential.

The Girls Who Game project focuses on empowering female students in grades 4-8 with learner-driven experiences that broaden their knowledge, skills, and dispositions within STEM-related fields, while having fun with their classmates.



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