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Bairdmore's Student Voice Club Recognized in the Legislature for Raising Money for War Torn Ukrainians

Bairdmore Elementary's School Student Voice Club was recently formally congratulated in the Manitoba Legislature by Minister Sarah Guillemard.

The students wanted to help the people in Ukraine so they made special yellow and blue ribbons with the Manitoba bison in the middle.

Minister Guillemard not only supplied the students with the Manitoba pins that sit in the centre of the Ukraine ribbons, she gave three students from Bairdmore a behind-the-scenes tour of the Legislature.

The Student Voice Club is made up of: Anami Arora, Timothy Bueckert, Jaap Deol, Rachneet Gabria, Markus Ho, Bhagat Kaur, Ved Lad, Sourav Mandal, Biftu Mohamed Ahmed, Aveena Naso, Miuri Silva, Newthya Thenuwara, Parizaadh Brar, Chloe Johnson, Presley McPhee, Zeshan Mian, Samuel Ogunbekun, Kingsley Okolie, Michelle, Onyelonu, Imani Oyugi, Avesch Syed, Esther Uwacu, Abeeha Zia, school counsellor Sarah Hampton and teacher-librarian Alison Bodner.

Congratulations to all of you. Thanks for helping others.

Special thanks to Minister Guillemard for the recognition, helping with the pins and for the fun afternoon at the Legislature!

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