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Staff Contact Information

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Pembina Trails Collegiate Staff List (email addresses are not linkable, please copy and paste)

Kroeker, Jacqui (Principal)

Bachart, Jane


Aminian, Tess

Barre, Hannah

Beauchamp, Jenn 

Bourassa, Barbara

Bresch, Zona

Cardinal, Maclane

Carpenter, Cheryl

Carter, Kevin

Clark, Cam

Cox, Tyeba

Ditter, Jaret

Dunlop, Patrick

Edie, Bryce

Fillion, Christina

Francis, Lana

Gamble, David

Hanslip, Tania

Hardman, Scott

Hoitink, Ashley

Joyce, Adrienna

Knight, Dawn

Koria, Josh

Laing, Tracey

Louis, Sanjeeva

Malcolm, Lindsay

McCombe, Cheryl

Nguyen, Darlene

Pauley, Michael

Peers, Alex

Poggi, Matt

Qiu, Lingling

Riffel, Bailey

Ryant, Bradley

Sault, Riley

Schmidt, Ashley

Shiach, Kristin

Stahl, Daniela

Suggit, Todd

Walker, Janet

Warren, James

Weevers, Cynthia

Welbergen, Sandy

Wiebe, Erica

Office Support Staff

Suboor, Subheen Admin School Secretary 

Sandra Ross-Hitch School Records Secretary

Shellenberg, Angela Attendance Secretary

Ferraro, Annette  School Secretary


Morganti, John

Molina, Eduardo

Goetting, Sheila

Tabios, Roland

Hu, Xiuping

Traitelovich, Tamara

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