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Timetable Information & Changes

Your timetable has been carefully designed on our new model of teaching and learning. This is based on the latest educational research where we are building upon your global competencies and bringing deep learning to each space that you experience. Deep learning developed by Michael Fullan creates opportunities so that all learners contribute to the common good, address global challenges and flourish in a complex world. 


  • We will hold high expectations for all students.
  • Student voice matters. 
  • We will honour diversity, equity and inclusion. 
  • We know that high school students have had formative experiences that are beginning to shape who they are becoming, and the adolescent brain is under construction till the age of 25. Students are wired to connect with others and contribute to society, we will create pathways for this to happen and guide you on this complex journey.

To embrace this deep learning model we have created a framework that brings this model to life. This means that you will see some differences in your timetable from a regular high school timetable. These are but not limited to:

  • An interdisciplinary approach to core subject areas. 
  • Some courses will be offered all year in a shorter period or over multiple periods for the interdisciplinary courses.  
  • Some courses will be offered using a semesterized approach. 
  • Each day starts with Ambassador Think Time (ATT) this is a PTC course that all students take and will receive a grade-appropriate career development credit each year. This time will be used to teach and learn the skills that are taught through the deep learning model. An example of this is the six global competencies (citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and connection to self), as well as delivering the career development essential outcomes.
  • We have developed many pathways for students to explore their passions and interests. We have tried to accommodate as many of these option courses for you as possible. Remember having a spare is not a bad idea to enable you to bring balance and wellness to your daily schedule. PTC will have many learning spaces for you to study and learn outside of the regularly scheduled courses. 

Please note in 2023-24 we are a grade 9-11 school so many grade 12 courses were not offered. However, in 2024-25 more courses will be offered to accommodate the grade 12’s including additional AP courses. We are currently offering the AP Capstone program now to grade 11’s and some grade 10’s if they can commit to the rigor and commitment that these courses offer. Please refer to our website for more details. This program was requested by many post-secondary institutions to provide the skills to prepare students for their life after high school if they are going to university or college. 

Based on this information please know that changes to timetables can only be made for the following reasons: 

  • Courses are missing that will directly impact graduation.
  • Those who would like to drop a course and/or fill this slot with something available.
  • Those who would like to fill a spare with an available course.

Timetable changes will NOT be made to accommodate teacher requests or to be in classes with friends. If one of the above situations applies and you would like to discuss this change with a student support teacher based on the schedule below, please fill in the form below or by clicking here and bring the signed copy to your student support teacher. 

In August 2024, student support teachers will be available to help with timetable questions and changes by booking an appointment in Edsby.  We will post the date on this page as soon as the dates have been selected.

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