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Industrial Arts & Engineering Education

Industrial Arts & Engineering Education

Engineering (Industrial Arts) education provides lifelong learning patterns for living and working effectively in a changing technological environment. Participants in the engineering programming work actively in a hands-on environment with technological tools, materials, and processes to transform concepts and ideas into goods and services. Problems, ideas, and concepts are explored from the research/investigation stage to product construction, and ultimately to final testing and assessment/ evaluation of the goods produced. Because of the changing nature of society and the workplace, the practical skills and knowledge developed are relevant to many other areas of life. 


Industrial Arts


Grade 9

Graphic Communication Technology 10G

Engineering Technology 10G

Grade 10

Graphic Communication Technology 20G

Engineering Technology 20G

Grade 11

Applied Technology 40S

Manufacturing Technology 40s

Grade 12

2024-2025 school year

2024-2025 school year

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