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Please report any absences in Edbsy or by calling the office at 204 489 8989. Instructions on how to report an absence can be found HERE

Please refer to our attendance flow chart which helps students achieve their innovative pathways with a whole child approach. 


If you are going on a personal vacation (non-school related) for an extended period of time, for example, 3 days or more please complete the extended absence form below. For planning purposes, please provide a minimum of 5 days notice to the school office. Please email the form below to 

Vacations and traveling opportunities are excellent learning experiences. However, we acknowledge that this will result in students missing out on classroom teaching, learning and ongoing assessments. This process cannot be duplicated or repeated. We want to be transparent and let you know that taking an extended absence during a semester could affect the attainment of credits. 

There are many opportunities for learning on vacations and during traveling opportunities. A journal of the trip with maps, brochures, tickets, postcards and write-ups can be a great memory keepsake, as well as a way to keep up with daily writings skills.  It may also be a chance to practice some presenting skills upon returning to class. Reading is great for literacy and lifelong learning. Incorporating numeracy skills such as trip calculations, budgeting or other daily real life numeracy skills can also be extremely valuable. Please know that these learning experiences may not count towards the attainment of credits. 

As most extended absences are a matter of choice, we appreciate in advance for your understanding that teachers cannot provide remote learning for vacations or travelling opportunities. Teachers, as professionals, continuously assess and adjust the pace and methods of teaching required for their classes to reach the curricular outcomes, making it difficult to gauge what work will be covered during extended absences. In addition, replication of the rich class communications, the inquiry process and collaboration that takes place at school on a daily basis is impossible. 

We hope that you and your family take the opportunity to connect with your child’s learning and teach them essential life skills as you all enjoy some memorable times together.

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