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Science Education


Students are curious, active learners who have individual interests, abilities, and needs. They come to school with prior knowledge and various personal and cultural experiences that generate a range of attitudes and beliefs about science and life, and connections between these realms. 

Students learn most effectively when their study of science is rooted in concrete learning experiences related to a particular context or situation, and applied to their world of experiences, where appropriate. Ideas and understandings that students develop should be progressively extended and reconstructed as students grow in their experiences and in their ability to conceptualize more deeply. Learning involves the process of linking newly constructed understandings with prior knowledge, and then adding new contexts and experiences to current understandings. 

These courses would fit well with the AP Capstone program to extend learning and understanding.




Grade 11

Biology 30S


Chemistry 30S


Physics 30s

Grade 122024-2025 school year

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