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Creating Individualized and Innovative Pathways


At Pembina Trails Collegiate, we are dedicated to creating individualized innovative pathways for every student. Pathways refer to the specific courses, academic programs, and learning experiences that individual students complete as they progress in their education toward graduation. Students may know what their pathway is towards their chosen career, and some may not. There is no right or wrong pathway. Students can pick courses from a number of different pathways to gain experiences in all curricular areas, or they may pick one pathway if they feel confident in their chosen passion.

The following diagrams describe the Manitoba Education compulsory credits, PTC’s compulsory credit during the ambassador think time for grades 9,10 and 11 and how many option courses students can choose in each grade. Each student can pick courses from the innovative pathways that Pembina Trails Collegiate offers. Grade 9 students can pick up to 3 option courses, grade 10 students can pick up to 4 options and grade 11 students can pick up to 5 options. 


Please note that courses within the pathways will only run with sufficient enrolment. 

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