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School Plan

Each year in September, Manitoba schools evaluate their progress towards the goals of their school plan. A school plan allows the school administration, teaching staff and parent advisory council to reflect on the school's goals each year. This process helps to focus the work and decision-making of school staff. The school plan is updated each year to reflect the progress and the refinement of school goals.

The yearly school plan aligns with the goals of the Pembina Trails School Division expectations for student learning: 

  1. All students in Pembina Trails will be personally and intellectually engaged in their learning at school.
  2. By the end of grade 8, all students will meet the provincial curricular standards in literacy and numeracy, allowing them the greatest possibility for success in high school.
  3. All students in Pembina Trails will graduate from high school

Pembina Trails Collegiate School Plan

Pembina Trails Annual Report

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