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Dungeons & Dragons

Welcome adventurers! Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop roleplaying game where the players work together to create a story and overcome obstacles. One player is the Game Master and sets the scene of the game and the other players then choose what they want to do. The player may decide their character does a backflip off from a wall to escape an enemy! Wow! It isn’t that easy… the player then must roll dice and based upon what the dice roll is, will be what determines the outcome. Generally higher rolls mean greater success, and lower rolls mean failures. Ask a player what it is like to roll a 20 or a 1. That is part of the fun of D&D, losing can be just as entertaining as winning can be.

Currently, we are playing using the website an online tabletop simulator. It allows us to have colourful portraits and maps that can be easily found online. We like to play weekly and if you are curious about it feel free to come check it out!


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