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Software Development

In Grade 9,  Software Development emphasizes problem-solving skills, creativity, and industry-standard skill development. Grades 9 and 10 receive an introduction to computer programming. This course has been designed for anyone to succeed, while still challenging students well beyond the standard. Students will be prepared for post-secondary education in software development using Java, C#, Visual Studio, and the Unity Development Platform.

In Grade 10, students learn a strong foundation of Web Development including creating web elements using HTML tags, understanding design principles important to web development, and designing web pages using CSS. Advanced topics in CSS are also covered, including Flexbox, CSS Grid, and SASS. Students also gain experience with client-side scripting using JavaScript, as well as how to build web-based games using JavaScript and Canvases.

Networking and Systems Administrator (Grades 9 and 10)

The Networking and Cyber Defence program at PTEC utilizes Cisco’s Networking Essentials, Cybersecurity Essentials, and IT Essentials courses. While taking these courses, students learn about IP addressing and subnets, configuring wireless routers for secure home networks, configuring switches and routers to construct simple networks, types of network and malicious software attacks, cryptography, digital signatures and certificates, hardening of systems, computer hardware and software, and much more. Students also have the opportunity to build practical skills by creating network cables, building networks on physical Cisco switches and routers, disassembling and reassembling computers, installing operating systems, creating virtual machines, and more.

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