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School Handbook

PTEC and MITT Student Handbooks

Grade 9 PTEC Students take their afternoon courses at the Smart Park Innovation Hub, located on the University of Manitoba Campus, and attend their host high school in the mornings for their compulsory courses. Below are host high school student handbooks and course selection booklets:

Grade 10 PTEC Students take their morning courses at Smart Park. This also includes two compulsory courses: Phys. Ed and English Language Arts at SmartPark. They attend their host high school in the afternoons for their other compulsory courses.  Students may continue with the same host high school they attended in Grade 9 or move to their catchment high school which they would have naturally attended for grade 10. Schools of Choice form may be required for some students. These forms are found on the host high school's websites. Below are the host high school student handbooks and course selection booklets for students leaving Shaftesbury high school and attending grade 10 at VM or FR:

Grade 11 & 12 PTEC Students attend MITT in the stream of their choice: Network and Systems Administrator or Software Developer. Grade 11s attend MITT in the afternoons, while the 12s attend MITT in the morning. At their host high school, students continue to prepare for their future by taking courses that they need to graduate from high school and if necessary, apply to other post-secondary institutions. 

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