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Project Management - Grade 10 Mentorship

In Grade 10, students are exposed to an essential skill emerging in industry - Project Management. Students work closely with their Project Management Mentors to solve a problem. Students come up with a real problem and work to solve it with their IT Mentor. This process takes an entire year to work through. Students learn cutting-edge skills and software related to project management. They also get to explore their entrepreneurial side while learning 'outside of the curriculum' skills. 

Below are testimonials from students with their experience:

"I loved my mentors, they taught me so much and they worked extra hard to make sure I was a part of the work."

"One thing that surprised me during the placement was how the staff members considered us as employees and not students."

"Thank you so very much for this incredible experience. I am sure it was an outrageous amount of work and the fact that you went through all that just for us just goes to show how much you truly care about this school and the kids who are in it."

"I loved being at work. I have always dreamed of being a game developer and I finally got the chance to see how it feels."

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