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Who We Are


Linden Meadows is a UNESCO school. We are one of 70 schools in 7 provinces in Canada.  As such, our mission is to focus on inclusive, innovative, quality education where we empower learners to take on active roles both locally and globally to resolve global challenges and contribute proactively to a more just, peaceful, inclusive, secure and sustainable world.  Themes of human rights education, sustainability, diversity and intercultural understanding run throughout our work with students.

We believe in creating a culture of peace and the curriculum at Linden Meadows is aligned with UNESCO’s four pillars: learning to know, learning to do; learning to be and learning to work together.  In the summer of 2016, Linden Meadows contracted local artist and Pembina Trails parent, Natasha Lowenthal, to create our UNESCO tree mural in our front lobby.  This tree changes colours throughout the school year. Our tree's leaves represent our commitments to ourselves and others; our reflections on our diversity and uniqueness; and our pledges to be kind to others.

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