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Positive Mental Health and Well-being


Mental health and well-being is essential to student success.  We believe in creating a school community where everyone feels cared for - safe, seen, heard, supported and significant.

At Linden Meadows we believe that positive mental health helps children:

  • have increased capacity to learn and develops resiliency

  • supports the regulation of emotions

  • enhances coping and problem-solving skills

  • increases engagement, achievement and attendance

  • enhances empathy and respect for diversity. 

  • decreases bullying and aggression

We practice mindfulness in classrooms, include yoga as part of the physical education programming, focus on reframing student thinking from fixed mindset to a growth mindset language, begin each morning with a morning meeting or advisory group/alternating days of the cycle with Active Start, and we have several specialist programs such as: Roots of Empathy; Horse Connection and Project 11. Our counsellor teaches health to students to promote acts of kindness.

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