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Computer Science and Robotics


Linden Meadows is proud to offer students in grades 5-8 unique opportunities to invent, construct, problem-solve and reflect using current technologies in our High Tech Maker Lab. The core of the teaching and learning in the Maker Lab centres on robotics. Students learn how build and program their own robot that can complete a specific task or goal. Students also start to learn how to build and manage a personal digital share space for purposes of documenting, collaborating and sharing their thinking with a larger audience. This is a highly ‘hands-on’ learning environment that rewards creativity and risk-taking. Importantly, students learn how to preserver and problem solve to determine working solutions throughout all facets of the learning process. In addition to robotics, the Maker Lab also provides students with opportunities to engage in 3-D computer design, 3-D printing, basic circuitry and advanced programming using Microcomputers.

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