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Physical Education


At Linden Meadows School, we know that physical literacy is a journey not a destination. With that in mind our physical education program helps students K to 8 acquire as well as build upon the movement, fitness and social skills needed to live healthy, active lifestyles. Linden Meadows School starts every day with an Active Start program, alternating opportunity for participation every second day between the early years and middle years students. Physical activity before academic activity shows an increase in engagement, focus and attention in many students.

Linden Meadows School actively participates in the PTAA (Pembina Trails Athletic Association). Throughout the year students have the opportunity to compete competitively against the other schools in our division in cross country running, volleyball, basketball, badminton as well as track and field activities.

Our students are able to participate in a variety of lunch time intramural activities including drop-ins, game days and round robin tournaments. All students in grades 4 to 8 are invited to join intramural activities throughout the year. Though our intramurals we look to reinforce the ideas of respect, sportsmanship and commitment though a wide array of activities.

A couple of big days for our physical education program include PAD (Physical Activity Day) and Tabloid Day. PAD is usually held in February for our grade 5 to 8 students.  Skiing, snowboarding, golfing, bowling, swimming, rock climbing, are among the many activities. It is a great day of fun and promoting active living, outside of the school setting.


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