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Student Extended Absences


We recognize that travelling opportunities can be full of wonderful learning. Once you have planned your trip, please let the office and your child's teacher know through an email the dates that your family will be away.

We acknowledge that when you decided to go on this trip, you realized that your child will be missing out on their regular classroom instruction for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, classroom instruction cannot be duplicated or repeated; the richness of teachable moments, class interaction and presence cannot be replaced. If you, as a parent decide to have your son/daughter away for an extended period, please consider ‘keeping the learning alive’ by introducing the following:  A journal …   reading …math games…a photo story etc.   

Please note that teachers are not expected to plan for or assess and evaluate student learning during an extended absence from school due to a family trip.  For families travelling longer than one month, we will direct them to register at Manitoba Remote Learning Support Center (MRLSC). 


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